The Parish Board of Trustees is responsible for the administration and financial programs of the parish; the Board of Trustees helps implement the decisions made by the NRA, conducts parish general membership meetings, and works hand-in-hand with the pastor to develop programs that enhance the spiritual, national, educational and social life of the parish.

2021 Board of Trustees


National Representative Assembly Delegates


Mike Injaian, Chairman
Kurk D. Selverian, Vice Chairman
Ed Papazian, Secretary
Mark Selverian, Treasurer
Gary Papazian, Assistant Treasurer
Bearge Miller, Assistant Secretary

Harout Aghajanian
Niki Arakelian
Kirk Karagelian
Mary Harper
Noubar Yeremian

N.R.A. Delegates (Yerespokhans)

Aram Hovagimian
Hrant Jilozian
Vartan Karakelian
Antranig Kzirian
Al Soltanian
Bearge Miller
Arthur Selverian




Old Board of Trustees Photos

board 1

board 2