Lenten Vesper Service, Dinner & Presentation

Event details

  • Monday | March 22, 2024
  • 7:00 pm
  • 8701 Ridge Ave. Phila, PA 19128


The week 6 Lenten Vesper service, dinner, and lecture was held at St. Gregory’s on Friday March 22, 2024. Over 70 parishioners attended the service, which was conducted by Der Nerses with the help of Noubar Yeremian. Also participating in the Vesper service were approximately 30 Salt and Light Youth Group and Sunday School students. They played an important role in reading passages from the prayer book. After the service, a Lenten dinner, sponsored by Bearge and Anne Miller and prepared by Fini, was served. Following dinner, Nyree Dardarian, PhD gave a presentation entitled “Top 5 Nutrition Tips of Health and Longevity”.

Nyree discussed the importance of good nutrition, which is part of a healthy lifestyle, and how it promotes longevity, In her discussion of longevity, she described “Blue Zones”, which are places around the world where people live longer than average. There is a prevalence of people living to 100 years of age and being healthy. Nyree then discussed five key steps to promote longevity. They are: eat like an Armenian, eat for ½ person, eat with an Armenian, move it, and have a purpose.

Much of our Armenian diet can be classified as a Mediterranean Diet. This consists of less meat (especially red meat), more fruits and vegetables, olive oil, and herbs and spices. Things we can do include portion control, eating slowly, using a smaller plate, ordering for one when eating with another person, and eating with others.

A healthy lifestyle includes eating with others, which creates a community to provide support. The expression “move it” involves keeping active. This does not require a gym. Having a purpose includes having a positive outlook on life.

Nyree’s presentation tied good nutrition to a healthy lifestyle, which results in longevity. This concludes this year’s series of Lenten Vesper services, dinners, and lectures. Thank you to Noubar Yeremian for organizing this year’s series. Also, thank you to all of those who sponsored and prepared the dinners, and to the speakers.